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Do You Want To Be Inspired?
Do You Want To Be Inspired?

Who comes to mind when you think of people who are resilient? I believe we think they are people who have “superpowers” or are legends. The truth is they are ordinary people like you and me doing extraordinary things. Some are people who are dealing with significant health issues. Other people use their strengths and positive attitudes each day to handle difficult situations such as a job loss, living in a turbulent economy, life or career transition, or loss of a loved one.  Others set specific goals they want to accomplish. They want to take their life to the next level to reach a deeper meaning and purpose.

One person that comes to mind for me is Randy Pausch, the teacher from Carnegie Melon who passed away several years ago from pancreatic cancer. At the time of his famous “Last Lecture”, Pausch was given three to six months to live. Pausch's speech "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," was as upbeat, inspirational and resilient as the man himself.

What do resilient people have in common?

1) They are positive in a realistic way

2) They use their strengths

3) When they fail they don’t “hang out” in failure

4) They use obstacles as stepping-stones

5) They live their lives “on-purpose”—with meaning

6) They focus on what they have, not what’s missing

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