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5 Tips for Greening the Closet

5 Tips for Greening the Closet

With Earth Day just around the corner, it is a good time to think about greening the home. One place that most people overlook when trying to make environmentally friendly choices is the closet. While it may be tucked way and largely out of site, the closet can play an important role in creating an environmentally friendly home. Greening the closet is not only important, but is actually quite easy!

“Our closets hold so much of who we are, from the clothes we wear on a daily basis to the special vintage items we want to preserve,” says Fred Silber of Creative Organization, a New Jersey-based company that has created a line of sustainable, eco-friendly closet organizing products. “Because they tend to hold so much, and such a variety of things, it is important to make sure that it is an area of the home that is not overlooked when trying to live in an environmentally friendly way.”

Here are five tips to keep in mind when greening the closet:

State and County Housing Offices to Host Fair Housing Forum

From the Office of Public Information for Montgomery County: 

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, in partnership with Montgomery County’s Office of Human Rights and Department of Housing and Community Affairs, will host an educational forum about fair housing on Thursday, April 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Silver Spring Civic Building, One Veterans Place, Silver Spring.

Free Home Weatherization Program for Montgomery County Residents

Free Home Weatherization Program for Montgomery County Residents

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, MD (HFH-MC) has launched a new Weatherization Program with the goal of providing free basic weatherization services to increase energy efficiency in the home.

This service is free to qualifying Montgomery County homeowners. With winter approaching many low-income homeowners are in dire need of help with their high utility bills. HFH-MC can help by providing free basic weatherization services to these homeowners. HFH-MC is currently accepting applications for our weatherization program.

Please click here for more information.

Tired of Stink Bugs?

News outlets all over the Mid-Atlantic region have been reporting on the recent invasion of Stink Bugs (also called Shield Bugs). While the creatures are not really harmful to humans, they can destroy crops and plants (not to mention they can be a real annoyance for the average joe.

Especially annoying are the countless stink bugs clinging to thee exterior doors of homes that easily crawl or fly in with ease when the doors are opened. Just how can we rid ourselves of these pests?

Quite a few of the currently available news stories suggest a method known as "exclusion" to deter the little pests from entering the home. However, this doesn't really cover the annoyance of them gaining access via an open door or the annoyance of getting bombarded by them around the outside of your house.

With a little knowledge and some basic equipment, even the average homeowner can rid themselves or at least get some relief from the stink bug invasion.