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The Postman and The Pit Bull | Families

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The Postman and The Pit Bull
The Postman and The Pit Bull

“She is a blessing and has changed my life for the better. Born on my mother’s birthday; I think it was meant to be”. – Reginald Winston

It’s not every day that you hear of a heartwarming story between a postman and a dog, but this one is sure to bring tears to your eyes, especially if you are fortunate enough to meet this destined pair. Piper, a short but sturdy black and white pit bull type dog came to our New York Avenue Shelter in January of this year after being found by a responsive DC resident. She spent some time in the shelter looking for her new family, overlooked as many black and white pit bulls are in shelters. But that would change, after I quickly fell in love with her charm and she was transferred into our foster care program.

Postman and king to the dogs in the MacArthur Blvd office, Winston has become a celebrity among the four legged office assistants. Most of them can spot him out the window as his van pulls up, and when they hear his voice coming up the stairs they anxiously wait at the door for his endless supply of cookies that appear from his mail bag.  He has certainly made quite a lot of friends with his cheery disposition and love for dogs in the WHS office.

A few weeks back Winston spotted Piper curled up behind the front desk napping on her very first day at the office. Being the outgoing, overly friendly female that she is, she won him over pretty quickly. And for the next few weeks he would look around for her to see if she was in the office that day. After one brief conversation with Winston it seemed as though he was interested in adopting her, and by that following Monday morning there was an application on my desk to adopt Piper. He told us that he’d wanted to adopt a dog for quite a while, but was waiting for the right one to catch his eye.

After completing the interview and application process over the next week, Winston was approved to adopt Piper on April 6th. With treats and leash in hand, he picked her up at the MacArthur Blvd offices on Thursday with his fellow postal worker there to take pictures.

It means a great deal to everyone at WHS that we were able to find Piper the home we all knew she deserved, especially with an individual all of us have come to adore and the dogs worship. Winston comes to the office and gives everyone updates on Piper regularly, describing how she follows him to every room in the house, and won’t eat her breakfast until he sits down to eat his.  It’s just the two of them, but he’s said it’s just what he needed.

Submitted by WHS staff member and Foster mom, Krista Boutte