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Brindle is the New Black

We have an inside source on the latest “must have” dog, and we’re letting our blog-readers know about a special adoption deal in advance of the rest of the DC-area. 

Claiming something as “the new black” first appeared in the fashion world in the early 1980s as a way to indicate other colors were taking over as the new wardrobe staple.  Black, long used as the base of any wardrobe due to its versatility with all other colors and prints, became the touchstone for something being a good investment and a “must have” for anyone going out and about.

So, on the heels of our wildly successful Fashion For Paws event, we are taking a page from the fashion world and proclaiming our own version of it.  At Washington Humane Society, Brindle is the New Black

Brindle – used to describe a mottled coat coloring of brown and black or tan and black – is found in dogs and horses as well.  Brindle colored dogs seem to stay in our shelter longer and have fewer people interested in meeting them.  Not surprising, these long-time residents usually become staff favorites as we have more time to get to know and bond with them. Our goal is always to find an animal a permanent home. So from now until May 9th, come to either one of our shelters and adopt a brindle dog and we will sponsor half of the adoption fee.

Looking for a dog that can fit right in to your life, already trained and ready to bring her unique style to your couch and home?  Check out Roxy at our Georgia Avenue shelter.  She’s a dark brindle lady and is ready to give you years of happiness. Looking for a dog to bring her gorgeous face to your lifestyle for many years to come?  Check out Luna at our New York Avenue shelter.   She’s a tan brindle girl and has made many friends at the shelter, including her new roommate and similarly colored canine buddy Kicker.  If you need someone to give you unending affection and keep you exercising, you’ll want to be sure to make a date to meet Starr at the New York Avenue shelter.  A happy-go-lucky brindle and white little miss, she is looking for someone who wants to join her in an active lifestyle.

If you get to the shelter and someone has already snatched up these fashionable pooches, be sure to ask to meet Archie, or Penny, or Doggie (pictured above) or Jordie.  Based on their new fashion status these loveable mutts are sure to be highly sought after, so if you are thinking of adding a canine member to the family, get to the shelter before May 9th.  You’ll get a high-fashion best friend, and it will cost you half as much.

You can show off your Brindle baby at the WHS Bark Ball on June 4th. Click here for more information